The ministry of FREEDOM !

Born into a battle, a warfare to know Beyond the visible we see it – the ARMY the FIELD and the FOE I couldn’t sleep last night so I roasted some organic multi-colored carrots and read Patrick Henry’s 1775, ‘Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death,’ speech. Henry was one of the great orators from the American revolutionary period. This particular speech showed the conduct … Continue reading The ministry of FREEDOM !

The shaming and torture of women in Ireland goes before the UN

This week a delegation of 21 Irish officials were part of a public hearing by the UN Committee on Torture which is reviewing the Irish State’s human rights record on Magdalene Laundries and Mother-and- baby Homes, and other aspects of Ireland’s social history. The Irish State has said there was no serious harm done to women and children in the Magdalene laundries but the UN … Continue reading The shaming and torture of women in Ireland goes before the UN

High ways of honor for veterans in Oregon

“In war, there are no unwounded soldiers.” Jose Narosky. A road trip to Portland revealed that Oregon is a great state for honoring veterans. I don’t think I saw an unmarked road or highway NOT dedicated or designated to veterans. U.S. Highway 395 is designated as a World War 1 Veterans Memorial Highway. Highway 5 is designated as Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway and Purple … Continue reading High ways of honor for veterans in Oregon

Cathedral thinking in a California redwood

Walking through a redwood forest along the coast of northern California or Oregon is an unforgettable experience. A great grace finds me. The same reverential awe stirs within whenever I step into a great medieval Cathedral in England or northern France. Spiritual values and history lessons are obtainable from both environments. Before I took the nature trail in Humboldt Redwoods Park, Facebook shared memories from … Continue reading Cathedral thinking in a California redwood

Giving hate no safe harbor

Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area extends out from the Oregon coast, one mile into the Pacific Ocean. Standing 93 feet tall the Yaquina Head lighthouse has been a bright beacon of the night guiding ships and their supplies along the west coast since the light was first lit in 1873. As I walked the beach parallel to Oregon’s tallest lighthouse, I was inspired by its … Continue reading Giving hate no safe harbor

We come alive in the river

It’s so hot in Arizona cacti are dying, mailboxes are melting and all manner of food can be cooked right on the sidewalk. Temperatures were over 100 F in the Sacramento region, last week. My safe haven from the scorching heat was a popular river in Auburn that flows out of Lake Clementine. It’s a good spot and can be my refuge when the temperatures … Continue reading We come alive in the river

Is there a purposeful denial of violence within Islamic theology and leadership?

I felt guilty enjoying multiple flavors of smooth ice cream at a Granite Bay Women’s Sandals and Sundae’s honoring volunteer’s celebration.  How could I enjoy a normal evening after the Manchester suicide bombing, and the London Bridge terrorist attack, not to mention all the other terror atrocities going on around the world? But celebrating life must go on. It’s the only way to defeat hatred … Continue reading Is there a purposeful denial of violence within Islamic theology and leadership?

My year of Jubilee

The Church is sometimes not easy to love. Ego, pride, control, competition can run rampant. My motivation for Church life and structure has taken a beaten this season. I still enjoy a good bible study. I explored a new Church this week-end Jesus Culture in Folsom High School. I needed fresh inspiration. It was my first “out of Bayside Church” experience. I was blown away … Continue reading My year of Jubilee

Be more trauma-informed

Somebody once asked W.H. Auden why he smoked so much. “Insufficient weaning,” he replied. In a split second two children were cut off from their parents and left orphans following one of the IRA’s most savage bomb attacks in La Mon House Hotel in the Castlereigh Hills above Belfast. In that split second safety and goodness disappeared. I was eleven, and lived 25 miles away. … Continue reading Be more trauma-informed

Spiritual wisdom is a tree of life

One of the most encouraging activities in my spiritual life is bible study. In my early walk with God I was lead to a remarkable bible study in Holywood, Northern Ireland. Roy and Rosemary Millar graciously facilitated it over the decades from their beautiful red brick Victorian home, on the shores of Belfast Lough. As we renewed our friendship recently, and I joined them again … Continue reading Spiritual wisdom is a tree of life