What makes YOU brave?

“A lone figure is waving From the thin line of a bridge Of ropes and slates, slung Dangerously out between The cliff-top and the pillar rock.” Seamus Heaney I was terrified crossing The Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge as a child. I don’t have a head for heights. Telling me to not look down didn’t help either. The thin slates beneath my feet felt too slippery. How … Continue reading What makes YOU brave?

A celtic passion at Clonard Monastery

“The Belfast/Good Friday Agreement is a precious gift and it is incumbent on the politicians of today to make the most of it.” –Bill Clinton. I pushed the Millar doorbell and a mighty bee buzzed around my head in a slow and haphazard fashion. I was surprised by its size. It was a sign of Spring. The bees are coming. Indoors I enjoyed one of … Continue reading A celtic passion at Clonard Monastery

Facing the past on Holocaust Remembrance Day

On April 12 Jews around the world choose to observe Holocaust Remembrance Day. I was honored to organize Stan Meyer’s missionary itinerary when I worked for Jews for Jesus in San Francisco. This is a part of his family story. Ruth Stateman (my maternal grandmother) came from Biala-Podlaska, Poland, on the Russian border. Ruth, her sisters Lillian and Rose; and their parents aware of the … Continue reading Facing the past on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Principles to increase spiritual intelligence

Have you ever seen an eagle fighting with chickens? Probably not. Eagles instinctively know they are designed to soar above the small things in life. They know exactly when to spread their wings and soar into the currents of grace of rising thermals. It’s possible to follow their lead in life and go up a level without striving or trying to control, manage or manipulate … Continue reading Principles to increase spiritual intelligence

We come alive in the river

It’s so hot in Arizona cacti are dying, mailboxes are melting and all manner of food can be cooked right on the sidewalk. Temperatures were over 100 F in the Sacramento region, last week. My safe haven from the scorching heat was a popular river in Auburn that flows out of Lake Clementine. It’s a good spot and can be my refuge when the temperatures … Continue reading We come alive in the river

My year of Jubilee

The Church is sometimes not easy to love. Ego, pride, control, competition can run rampant. My motivation for Church life and structure has taken a beaten this season. I still enjoy a good bible study. I explored a new Church this week-end Jesus Culture in Folsom High School. I needed fresh inspiration. It was my first “out of Bayside Church” experience. I was blown away … Continue reading My year of Jubilee

Taming the flood waters of sectarianism

Here in Northern California, on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada, flow the clear, sparkling waters of the Feather River.  Once as prized for its gold deposits as it was feared for its floods, the river was tamed by the building of the Oroville Dam. The reservoir that resulted remains the primary storage facility for the California State Water Project. Exceptionally heavy rains damaged the … Continue reading Taming the flood waters of sectarianism

When does a religious institution become a criminal organisation?

A BBC story and Royal Commission inquiry from Australia touched my heart this week.  It’s worth sharing in another format to make people aware of the full scale of the horrendous problem. Also to raise awareness of how importance it is to listen to children who have the courage to come forward and talk about difficult or harrowing experiences. The Commission shows the religious institutions … Continue reading When does a religious institution become a criminal organisation?

A time to march !

In the wisdom books of the Old Testament, Solomon, son of David, king in Jerusalem, says,  “to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” The new year is often a season of and time for reflection, resolution or revelation. This year it’s a time spent absorbing the shock of the recent election campaign, and letting it sink in. … Continue reading A time to march !