‘Old Glory’ in the quiet seclusion of Phoenix Park

Old Glory is a nickname for the flag of the United States. The original flag was owned by sea captain William Driver who flew the flag during his career at sea and then brought it to Nashville, Tennessee (sea) which is the sister city of Belfast, Northern Ireland, a city with a massive ship building history. It was flying low today on my morning walk. … Continue reading ‘Old Glory’ in the quiet seclusion of Phoenix Park

What makes YOU brave?

“A lone figure is waving From the thin line of a bridge Of ropes and slates, slung Dangerously out between The cliff-top and the pillar rock.” Seamus Heaney I was terrified crossing The Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge as a child. I don’t have a head for heights. Telling me to not look down didn’t help either. The thin slates beneath my feet felt too slippery. How … Continue reading What makes YOU brave?

A celtic passion at Clonard Monastery

“The Belfast/Good Friday Agreement is a precious gift and it is incumbent on the politicians of today to make the most of it.” –Bill Clinton. I pushed the Millar doorbell and a mighty bee buzzed around my head in a slow and haphazard fashion. I was surprised by its size. It was a sign of Spring. The bees are coming. Indoors I enjoyed one of … Continue reading A celtic passion at Clonard Monastery