An Irish Industrial School Childhood

Boy 11963 is a unique account of overcoming almost insurmountable obstacles to find out who you truly are. I just saw this book in a SuperValu in Clontarf. It has made my day to discover an Irish Industrial child tell their full story and come out from underneath the shame, secrecy and heartlessness of the Irish Church and State of the 1930’s and 1940’s. The … Continue reading An Irish Industrial School Childhood

Confidence, Humility and Corporate Culture

Listen in and learn how the only female CEO at a top ten US cable operating company, is widely respected for her passionate focus on customer experience and company culture. Learn how she motivates young professionals to lead passionately with purpose. Colleen maintains that everyone has gifts and passions, and when directed meaningfully, these strengths will help guide leaders to success. She encourages leaders to … Continue reading Confidence, Humility and Corporate Culture

Overcoming spiritual terrorism in Ireland

“I don’t think I have any pleasure in any part of my body, because my first and initial body thoughts were blackened by the fear of sin: and therefore I think of my body as a sort of vehicle for sin.” Edna O’Brien. The carefully crafted official report into The Mother and Baby Homes report was published in January 2021. The controversial contents sent shock … Continue reading Overcoming spiritual terrorism in Ireland

Medieval Castles of Dalkey

“God is bedrock under my feet, the castle in which I live, my rescuing knight.” Psalm 18:2 This summer I took the Dart out to Dalkey. It’s a lovely fashionable suburb to the south of Dublin. The name Dalkey derives from Delginis (Irish) and Dalk-Ei (Norse) meaning Thorn Island and it’s origins date back 6, 500 years to activity on Dalkey Island. In the early … Continue reading Medieval Castles of Dalkey

Guided walking tour in East Belfast

George Bernard Shaw said, “it’s more civilized to travel 3 miles per hour than 3,000 miles per hour.” Here in Ulster, one of the four provinces of Ireland, I come into agreement with him. Within two weeks, I’ve moved from a success driven sprawling suburban city with a lot of bling and where driving was the norm to a small, close-knit and historic province where … Continue reading Guided walking tour in East Belfast