Unlocking history on the banks of the royal canal

Last week I busted out of the 2 km Lockdown restriction to walk alongside my local canal. It was nice to absorb the different and peaceful scenery. The Royal Canal flows from the River Liffey in Dublin to Longford in Ireland. In times past, the canals and river corridors of Ireland were traversed by pirates,Continue reading “Unlocking history on the banks of the royal canal”

‘In This Together’ campaign launch

Seven weeks into the Covid-19 emergency and the government of Ireland launched a well-being campaign today to help us adapt to the new reality. We’ve made huge progress in suppressing the virus due to people following the public health guidelines and displaying an Irish spirit of resilience and selflessness. The government here have shown goodContinue reading “‘In This Together’ campaign launch”

Visualizing the history of Pandemics

Throughout history as humans spread around the world infectious diseases have been a constant companion. The visual capitalist link below shows some of history’s most deadly pandemics from the Antonine Plague to COVID-19. It’s an excellent graph of bad things. There are spiritual lessons behind everything. Christine Paintner in Galway, Ireland draws one for usContinue reading “Visualizing the history of Pandemics”

Former Presidential Advisor: Leadership During Crisis

I’m so grateful for my friends Jim and Jan who consistently bring insight on a wide variety of Leadership styles. Thanks to them we can learn from the very best in Leadership. The link below is a timely discussion they had with an expert on pandemics – Lisa Monaco. Lisa served as the Homeland SecurityContinue reading “Former Presidential Advisor: Leadership During Crisis”

St. Patrick’s Legacy, Irish influence and scholarship

Patrick is the best remembered Christian missionary to Ireland. His name has come to represent the many unknown clerics who worked in Ireland before and after him. The influence of the Irish missionaries, carriers of classical learning and disseminators of theological and philosophical thought cannot be overemphasized. Vast collections of Irish manuscripts are to beContinue reading “St. Patrick’s Legacy, Irish influence and scholarship”