Medieval Castles of Dalkey

“God is bedrock under my feet, the castle in which I live, my rescuing knight.” Psalm 18:2 This summer I took the Dart out to Dalkey. It’s a lovely fashionable suburb to the south of Dublin. The name Dalkey derives from Delginis (Irish) and Dalk-Ei (Norse) meaning Thorn Island and it’s origins date back 6, 500 years to activity on Dalkey Island. In the early … Continue reading Medieval Castles of Dalkey

The path to happiness

“Covering up our emotional reality removes the power of Jesus in our lives. The cover up elevates our self-reliance.” Jean-Marie Jobs. Regulating my emotions in another Lockdown feels like a crucible. It hurts. However one of the most important tasks of growth is to understand how I hurt and suffer. Suffering is negative but it’s part of life. I ease mine by being in nature … Continue reading The path to happiness

A conversation with nature

Are you enjoying the majesty of nature this October and giving thanks for simple things. The green leaves that let go as yellow and rustic wings of wisdomUnder-rated I tread on themSweep them up Watch them glowThey spark imagination and wonder. Psalm 16 coincides with the 160 th blog; “Lord, you alone are my portion and my cup;YOU make my lot secure.The boundary lines have … Continue reading A conversation with nature