Slowing down to appreciate the beauty and spirit of Mayo

I took these pictures during the heatwave of my first summer back in Ireland, two years ago. Silver Strand beach in County Mayo. For centuries County Mayo on the west coast of Ireland was a victim of its isolation and it’s climate. Its population was devastated by famine and endemic emigration. It’s people have hewn, out of a difficult history, a resilience and a resourcefulness that defines the Mayo spirit. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ireland, in my opinion, and located next to the Lost Valley. It’s a bit out of the way but oh so worth it.

One thought on “Slowing down to appreciate the beauty and spirit of Mayo

  1. Jeanette –

    I enjoyed your Facebook article on Co Mayo.

    It brought back memories of my visit to Mayo over the years – Achill, Newport, Westport.

    Mayo history is very interesting too – a struggle in so many ways.

    Here I have had a quiet day – mostly staying in my room and reading or making one or two phone calls.

    A couple of the community have moved to Cherryfield (the Nursing home) – one, Brother James McCabe; and the other Henry Grant (who is about eighty six).

    I have been reading a scholarly book on Paul – A Biography by NT Wright, an Anglican scholar.

    Michael J Kelly (from Tullamore – not my friend, Michael T Kelly (who is from Kilkenny) died in Lusaka last week.

    He has been an inspirational teacher and educator for more than sixty years. I think he is on an Irish postage stamp.

    I think we will get some milder days in the coming days. We need to get out more! Spring is coming soon!



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