Blue sky and baltic at Seapoint

“The rivers reputation ends where the sea begins.”

Russian proverb.

The average water temperature in Seapoint in winter reaches 48.2 F which is 9 Celsius. We swam in 6. 2 Celsius yesterday. Brrrrr. We are into the coldest water temps of the year now in Ireland. The warmest average water temperature Baltic Sea in January is 39°F/3.9°C (in Gdansk), and the coldest sea surface temperature is 32.5°F/0.3°C (in Saint Petersburg).

The World Sea Water Temperatures website says “20 Celsius is not suitable for comfortable swimming.” Ha ! I went without a swim for 2 months due to complacency, covid restrictions and a feeling of fullness in my ears, since swimming round the yellow markers at Seapoint over the summer. I had to acclimate my body again to the extreme cold. For me, and everybody is different this requires focusing on my breathing, calming myself down and not letting a stream of expletives flow from my mouth. And, knowing when to get out. This gives me a wonderful sensation of awareness and of being in control of my body. I can stay in for 10 minutes in these temperatures. I get nicely numb not hypothermic. The blue skies helped today and the craic with co-swim warriors Helena, Fergus and Jackie. Two Polish or Russian men swam close by so people from countries that border the Baltic sea are feeling at home in Eire’s winter sea water. Bring on the vodka cocktails post swim !!

2 thoughts on “Blue sky and baltic at Seapoint

  1. thanks for pic seapoint is always colder than sandycove or killiney in winter as the tide goes out and the surface is exposed to the air which is colder in winter esp at night { short days] frost etc . In summer time its the other way round . 6.9 on sat sandycove. look up Dublin bay boy for tides temp etc.

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