When times are hard and your feeling weary, or you feel like a failure, listen up men and women. If you just can’t seem to hold it all together, remember this. You have a PURPOSE. There are many ways to help us uncover our purpose. Jesus aka the King of Glory specializes in leading you onto that path of purpose. His life and teachings show us how he loved to use misfits, those on the margins, the excluded, the overlooked, the under-rated. People who don’t have it all together. He took 12 outsiders nobody would have chosen and he changed the whole world. Everyone has a purpose, including YOU!

Photo: On the walls of Jerusalem. Inside looking out. Taken by me.

2 thoughts on “Purpose

  1. Thanks for mail yes everyone has a purpose but it can be hard to see at times like these . Iam still swimming most days .Yesterday i was in scotsman bay thats just off sandycove i seen a rainbow .

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