Winter sunrise swim in Ireland

Fergus is in my swimming group. We haven’t swam together yet but I was inspired by his video and wanted to share it with you. He beautifully captures the sunrise from the Irish sea for the first time in 2021. A little robin hops over to him as he watches the sun rise. I swam here on November 22nd, my birthday in honor of my mum who gave birth to me on that day in 1967. This is blog 1967 – minus the 9.
Fergus only started sea swimming in July.
Come and join us!


  1. See video like it.the water has got v cold it’s the coldist for 2 years 6c down from 8c and at seapoint 4c four swims last week not long in but on 27th Dec did my longest winter swim ever! 1k we must swim again when things improve. My wife was in hospital on NY eve had brain scan she is OK now.


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