The path to happiness

“Covering up our emotional reality removes the power of Jesus in our lives. The cover up elevates our self-reliance.”

Jean-Marie Jobs.

Regulating my emotions in another Lockdown feels like a crucible. It hurts. However one of the most important tasks of growth is to understand how I hurt and suffer. Suffering is negative but it’s part of life. I ease mine by being in nature in Phoenix Park. I prayer-walk. I meditate on the psalms, a running commentary on overwhelm and suffering. The Psalter shows us how to be real with God i.e. fully engaged in what is true for us.

David wrote most of the psalms and he “slept with his Soldier’s wife, got her pregnant, and then had that soldier sent to the front lines so he would be killed in battle. This same David was anointed king by the prophet Samuel while Saul still sat on the throne, and His son Jonathan was heir. There were terrible consequences for his actions, but David was known as a friend of God, a man pursuing God’s heart. Just as God appointed David, he appointed pharaoh to harden his heart and show his glory, he appointed Hitler and his destruction that would follow, he brought forth Israel (Is. 66) in a single day. He appoints all rulers and authorities.” Kalister Harmon.

In the world’s views, the path to happiness is “having it all together.” But what we really need is to experience the path to pain, anxiety, overwhelm, and suffering and allow it to heal us and make us better people. 

I can move through all the emotions below in about an hour during these challenging times.

How do YOU respond to your experience of suffering, anxiety or overwhelm?

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