Celtic spirituality and feature film in Killarney

When we visit an inspiring place like Killarney in Ireland or see something beautiful it plucks at our heart strings. What is this feeling?

It’s the voice of the Divine Creator speaking with us through our senses. It’s this ability to see God everywhere that marks Celtic Spirituality as the distinctive capacity in all people to touch the Divine in the ordinary.

I was lucky to get a tour of Killarney with the man who pitched the idea for a feature film chronicling one of the most historic chapters in Killarney’s history. “The production team spearheading the project has signed a location agreement to film in Muckross House and the surrounding gardens and traditional farms and the period drama movie will tell the story of the Herbert family – who owned the property – as well as charting the visit of Queen Victoria to Killarney in 1861.

A number of household names from the world of film and television have been lined up for key roles, including Patrick Bergin who starred alongside Julia Roberts in Sleeping with the Enemy and in the western horror Gallowwalkers with Wesley Snipes.

High-profile composer Sacha Puttnam – son of legendary movie producer David –  has written the score for the film and it is to be recorded by the RTÉ Symphony Orchestra.”

Killarney Today

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