How to see

” We all fall victim to being prisoners of our own perspective”  John Rogers

I  love this view of Ireland’s Eye taken on a bike ride last week from Malahide to Portmarnock. The island is the closest point to Howth Lighthouse. Can you see the golden retriever swimming quite far out from the beach?


It got me thinking about the points of view we hold in life. Some people hold onto theirs tightly. Others expect you to agree with and live out of theirs.  Why do we think our view is the right view? Is it a blind spot, the ego, manipulation, ignorance?

My friend Mahmmuda lives in Paris. I enjoy talking to her because she has a holistic way of looking at things. She thinks well and sees things from different angles. She found this insightful quote from the book “How To See.” 

“Relatively speaking, there are right views and wrong views. But if we look more deeply, we see that all views are wrong views. Any view is just from one point; that’s why it’s called a point of view. If we go to another point, we have a different perspective, we see things differently, and we realize that our first view was not entirely accurate.

We need to continue expanding the boundaries of our understanding or we will be imprisoned by our views. For example, if we are able to remove the notion of permanence, we may still get caught in the motion of impermanence ; we have to be free from both notions. This is why we say that Right View means removing all kinds of views, including the views of impermanent, non-self and inter-being.”

Thich Nhat Hanh

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