Dublin can be heaven with coffee at 11

“People are wondering and anxious to get back to normal. A good question really is, ‘was normal that good?’ Can we build a better normal with deeper, healthier and more real relationships?”

General Martin Dempsey

It’s possible today to saunter through the streets of Lockdown Dublin city centre unimpeded by riots, heavy traffic and crowds.  There’s a sense of a Dublin past in the rarest of  times when life had a gentler, slower pace.

Granted it’s not good for business. The iconic Bewley’s Cafe on Grafton Street is closing permanently with a loss of 110 jobs. It opened in 1927.

We are moving into phase 2 of lifting Lockdown restrictions. As I reflect on General Dempsey’s words, I’m reminded of the famous song below Dublin can be heaven with coffee at 11. I’m curious to know:

What has the pandemic done for you?

What type  of healthier new normal would you like to see?

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©Jeanette Dean

Published by Jeanette Dean

I'm a life long learner. I've been on a voyage of discovery since childhood so ask why a lot. I'm Irish and a bit American. I write because its freeing and healing. I love photography, theology, the natural beauty of Ireland and swimming in the sea year round. I see the world through the lens of Celtic Christianity but can try on other perspectives. The business of everyday spirituality has always fascinated me. I hope this blog challenges, inspires and encourages you. Perhaps you'd like to work with me. Please reach out to me if that's the case. I'd love to hear from YOU so please comment and let me know you are out there!

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