Chillin’ out in Skerries

The 33 bus from Abbey Street in Dublin goes along the scenic north Dublin estuary to the beautiful coastal town of Skerries in Fingal. It’s a pleasant bus ride. It was so good to see and smell the sea this week, after two months of strict quarantine.

Skerries is derived from the Norse words, “Skere” and “ey.” In Irish “Na Sceiri” means Rocky Islands. Skerries is surrounded by 5 islands including St. Patrick’s Island below. This is where the Irish patron saint landed and began his mission to convert the country to Christianity.


In 797 AD Vikings carried out one of their earliest raids in Ireland when they plundered the monastery on Church Island. There was a fair bit of coastal rescue helicopter activity around this island when I was there.


When I arrived at The Captain’s Swimming Place the teenage girls in the feature photo were bravely diving or climbing down the iron ladder into the sea. I chatted with a few of them and promised Kate I’d post their picture 💗.

After a beach walk I sipped on a silky Mocha coffee. I shared a freshly baked sausage roll with my traveling companion. We had a great conversation on Basic Christian Communities, social issues and attitudes in Ireland whilst staring at a seal on a far flung rock. Can you see it? My photography could be better!


Published by Jeanette Dean

I'm a life long learner. I've been on a voyage of discovery since childhood so ask why a lot. I'm Irish and a bit American. I write because its freeing and healing. I love photography, theology, the natural beauty of Ireland and swimming in the sea year round. I see the world through the lens of Celtic Christianity but can try on other perspectives. The business of everyday spirituality has always fascinated me. I hope this blog challenges, inspires and encourages you. Perhaps you'd like to work with me. Please reach out to me if that's the case. I'd love to hear from YOU so please comment and let me know you are out there!

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