Leading you to the best employers and candidates

“Sometimes the obstacle is not IN the way, the obstacle IS the way.”

Winston Ben Clements.

My friend Nadette recently gave me a newspaper article about an Irish lady who moved back to Ireland after many years in London.


The writer describes the administrative nonsense she has to navigate.

Since returning to Ireland two years ago, first to the North and now Dublin I aim to make a positive difference in helping clients find great candidates and vice versa. I’ve worked with highly diverse groups of people and a diverse range of companies for over 20 years, trans-atlantically, as a project pioneer and a growth coach. I’m delighted to add Management and Recruitment Consultancy to my services in Ireland and beyond.

Did you know that almost 300,000 people in Northern Ireland depend on state benefits? As I’ve mentioned before there is a thin line between helping and hindering people. Good leaders help you discover and live out of THE most vibrant expression of yourself. They know there is a life force inside each of us that when released can help us reach our full HUMAN POTENTIAL and by doing so change the world.

I’ll be exploring how to help companies find the best talent. I’m open to collaborating with your organisation if you’d like to come to Ireland to do business, hold meetings or just explore a start-up journey.

I’m presently on the hunt for a great Information/Cyber Security Officer based in Dublin or Malta.

Mobile. 0830 702535
Email: jeanette.dean@headhuntinternational.com OR deanjeanette@gmail.com

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