Seeing clearly in 2020

“I can see clearly now the rain has gone. I can see all obstacles in my way.”

Jimmy Cliff

It was pouring with rain the first weekend I came to Dublin. The Merchant’s Arch provided temporary respite. I met two American brothers visiting from Kansas. We enjoyed terrific traditional Irish music and I heard about what brought them to Ireland. I reflected on the fun encounter as I stood outside it waiting for a bus to Lucan Village.


When I arrived at Lucan Presbyterian Church Janet was waiting for me. LPC is a warm and welcoming place with a vibrant community. See the link below for LPC history.

Here’s Janet at the quaint Church gates. Love the purple. After a walk in St. Catherine’s Park we had a ham and eggs lunch.


I love vibrant colors so was delighted to see, on more 2020 local explorations, so many stained glassed windows in St. Peter’s Church in Phibsborough yesterday. This neighborhood Church is dark, dreary and uninviting externally, to me anyway, on the outside. The interior however is aglow with color and beauty. I found the Harry Clark stained glass window I was looking for. My picture of it is blurred so here’s two others.



I’m seeing a lot of red this week and I’m hearing chimes. Although I overheard one man say “Dublin is a dump” there’s an old world charm and much modernity here. I love how the Luas tram chimes in the same way as the San Francisco cable cars. There’s still horses and carriages on the roads here. There’s the Luas tram in the background.


I liked the juxtaposition of the red door and red vespa in this picture on Dame Street.


What are you seeing in 2020 that pops out at you?

Are you seeing with your spiritual eyes?

Do you have a clear vision for your life in 2020 that can serve the greater good ?

7 thoughts on “Seeing clearly in 2020

  1. I am really enjoying these reflections. Being along with you for the exploration is expanding my own sense of imagination. Sacred eyes take some doing, mostly moving the muck out of the way. As the breath-holding of this season of red emotions is subsiding, I am able recapture the glimpses of the living Love I saw along the way. Amazing that it is always there even if we can’t feel it fully at the time. My friend Mary Ann discovered that true learning comes from reflecting on the experience afterward in community. She is living in eternal time now, but her wisdom Gets truer by the day.

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    1. Lovely to hear from you Carol. Yes, the love, light and beauty is all around us for he who has ears to hear and eyes to see. Thanks for your own reflections and glad you take comfort and wisdom from your deceased friend Mary Ann. She was a fountain of wisdom and grace. Happy New Year, my friend !!!


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