Speaking tour with theologian Dr. Richard Harvey

“In Israel, we face constant threats of violence from anti-missionary groups. Our staff has been cursed at, chased, and even attacked for openly sharing about Jesus. In Paris, the danger of attacks on our team by Islamic extremists is so real, the local police have erected cement barriers in front of our branch office to prevent violence in the form of motor vehicle attacks. Even in the U.S., anti-Semitic rhetoric is flooding the halls of our very government and ringing from news outlets daily.”

David Brickner, Executive Director, Jews for Jesus.

I’ve been busy transitioning into a new and more open city–Dublin, since my last blog post. Navigating the getting established bureaucracy in the southern part of Ireland has been quite the challenge. I’m up for it. I’m enjoying a new job, gracious hospitality, and exploring the rich cultural heritage of this spacious and majestic Georgian city. A highlight in September was welcoming author, theologian, doctor and Messianic Jew, Richard Harvey, to Ireland for his speaking tour.

I was inspired by Dr Harvey’s strong faith. He graciously and tirelessly ministered to many people, families, groups and Churches throughout Ireland. I appreciate his spiritual and moral leadership. His family overcame Nazism in Germany, although too many perished. His book, “Luther: Putting Right the Lies,” and his activism, and genuine heart for reconciliation between Jews and Christians, Palestinians and Israelis, and Protestants and Catholics was so refreshing. I introduced Richard to my Society of Jesus friend of twenty years, Frank Sammon. Frank warmly welcomed us for lunch at the Jesuit community in Milltown. We visited the famous Trinity Library and The Book of Kells together.


Richard introduced me to the volunteers of CMJ (Churches Ministry to the Jews) and a few Old Testament scholars in Ireland. If you’d like to book Richard for a future speaking engagement, or order a copy of his book, cover below, let me know 🙂

Luther cover

This is post 108. It lines up with psalm 108 which Charles Spurgeon called “The Warrior’s Morning Song.”

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