80 years on since WW II

So no better way to mark the day than with lots of lovely community connections in Portrush where The Royal Air Force annual air show was taking place.

Beneath the two planes in the featured picture, and towards the land mass on the right lie two famous shipwrecks. Do you know their names? The rocks in the foreground of the picture are over 180 million years old. I’ve played on them, many a summer, as a child. Maybe you know them too.

Portrush has had a lot of attention this year. The 148th Royal Open was hosted here so the town has had a face lift and is looking great. I heard the golf event drew in over 80 million pounds.


Molly the dog here was drawing a lot of attention too from passerbys. Her owner said he wished he’d brought a bucket for people’s money. She has beautiful big thick paws but she let me know she doesn’t like them touched.


Around the corner from Molly and her owner I received a bran new New Testament and Psalms from The Gideons. Such generosity of spirit.


Further on up is The Vintage shop. A snakeskin handbag, a huge prophetic book on Daniel, Aran sweaters and leather jackets caught my eye.


I had a many more encounters throughout the day. Never a dull moment in a historic town like Portrush.


One thought on “80 years on since WW II

  1. Jeanette,

    Great to get your emails re Portrush.

    It was certainly in the news this year – with a win for the Irish golfer (whose name I forget!).

    Here is a pleasant Autumn Day. I will go to Rathmines and the City Centre later. I have a few small jobs to to.

    With my best wishes,


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