Hitting the water in Cushendall

“We’ve made a call on Cushendall
A village ‘neat’ and clean,
Where Curfew tower doth seem to glower
At visitors I ween.
In Ballymena we have strayed to pick its flora rare
Or crossed to Poet Ossian’s Grave
On Lubitavish there.” Jack McBride

Cushendall and I have a long standing attraction. My mum’s best friend, of 50 years, was from this unique character filled village.

Cushendall is a designated area of outstanding beauty – AONB.

I swam here today in honor of my mum and their long standing friendship. I swim in shallow water so I can SEE the sand whilst I’m swimming. Total Immersion in 11 degree Celsius temperature keeps me moving. After five strokes my face feels the freeze so I rotate from 8 strokes of front crawl to breast stroke to back crawl, and repeat. I prefer consistent front crawl.

Back at my car two elderly ladies said, “we weren’t sure if you were drowning” And in the same sentence, “but you’re a good swimmer.”

I swam from the rocks here;

Cushendall here.jpg

To the far side, over there;

Cushendall there

This beach is quite rocky. Wetsuit footsies are helpful. I respect the sea. I respect this lovely landscape, the wildlife and heritage qualities which are here for the benefit of us ALL.

Hugging the cliffs to the north of Cushendall beach is an attractive coastal path leading to the ruins of Layd Church. It was the Parish Church until 1790, after which a new one was built at Cushendall. The ruins are surrounded by fascinating gravestones which illustrate the areas Scottish and maritime connections.

5 thoughts on “Hitting the water in Cushendall

  1. I was paddle boarding on The River near my house 2 weeks ago. I jumped into ther water afterwards (wearing a wet suit).

    This week I paddle boarded in Kinsale harbour. The 2 others who were with me fell into the sea a couple of times and I almost fell twice.

    Respect the sea and this lovely landscape, wildlife and heritage qualities which are here for the benefit of ALL.

    It’s vital that we appreciate it and keep it that way.

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    1. I haven’t tried paddle boarding yet. Sounds like fun falling into the sea or not falling into the sea ! Reminds me of our falling forward, falling backwards exercise 😉


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