Celebrating the Belfast Jewish community

“We are proud of the Belfast Jewish community, who throughout The Troubles in the city reached out to promote understanding and harmony. “ — Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis.

Last week I took a heritage walk to celebrate Jewish life in Belfast. My guide was Steven Jaffe.

Steven Jaffe

Our group met under the delightful fountain in honor of Daniel Joseph Jaffe – known for his significant contribution to the Belfast linen industry, and built by his competitors and friends. It just happened to be the same day the Prince of Wales was visiting Stevens old Belfast synagogue for a stained-glass window installation commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day. Prince Charles also met a kinder transport refugee and leaders of the small Belfast community at the city’s synagogue. He said he was sorry that it took 150 years for a royal to visit the Jews of Belfast.

I learned a lot from this heritage walk so have two fun questions for you;

1. What war in America helped make Belfast linen the most important textile product in the world ?

2. What year was the first synagogue in Belfast established?

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