Why such shocking state secrecy towards Ireland’s institutional survivors?

“The human rights abuses described by survivors of Ireland’s institutions and adoption system are among the most serious recognized by the international community.” Maeve O’Rourke.

This is a topic that’s close to my heart. I am so grateful to Maeve O’Rourke from NUI Galway for writing this article and being a real voice for truth and justice.

There is nothing for me to add to this brilliant article except one question.

What is the Church in Ireland currently doing to make others aware of how these young citizens of Ireland were treated and what are they doing to make sure this systemic pattern of abuse (forced disappearance, torture, inhuman and degrading treatment, widespread arbitrary detention and systematic violations of the right and respect for family and private life) never ever happens again ?

Maeve’s article is titled;

10 ways institutional abuse details are STILL being kept secret


Published by Jeanette Dean

I'm a life long learner. I've been on a voyage of discovery since childhood so ask why a lot. I'm Irish and a bit American. I write because its freeing and healing. I love photography, theology, the natural beauty of Ireland and swimming in the sea year round. I see the world through the lens of Celtic Christianity but can try on other perspectives. The business of everyday spirituality has always fascinated me. I hope this blog challenges, inspires and encourages you. Perhaps you'd like to work with me. Please reach out to me if that's the case. I'd love to hear from YOU so please comment and let me know you are out there!

One thought on “Why such shocking state secrecy towards Ireland’s institutional survivors?

  1. It is difficult to face up to crimes.

    But only by acknowledging it and apologising fully can healing begin.

    A deterrent is that by admitting crimes one can find oneself in court and in jail and paying compensation.


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