Showing Rachel Held Evans honor

“Thinking what it was about @rachelheldevans that could cause many on other sides of issues to take their hats off to her in her death. People are run rife with grief for her babies, yes. But also I think part of it is that, in an era of gross hypocrisy, she was alarmingly honest.” Beth Moore

No-one I spoke with in Ireland or the UK knew who this lady was, when I brought up her sudden and tragic passing. It became obvious her work wasn’t honoured, promoted or even acknowledged in evangelical circles here.

Rachel was an American blogger, author and trailblazer. She wrote about important issues the church and culture are wrestling with today; gender, race and socio-economics. She encouraged us to wrestle with our doubts, fears and inequalities. She challenged American evangelicals and encouraged them to question seriously what they believe and to take time, all the time they needed, to do that.

The Washington Post described her as “the most polarising woman in evangelicalism.” She disrupted the status quo and often people didn’t know what to do with her so they just wrote her off.

“Yes, Rachel Held Evans stirred the evangelical pot in ways that were uncomfortable and distressing. However, for me, she made me think and she made me better. She pointed out my logical fallacies and forced me to defend my assumptions. And when she appreciated something, she said it. She was always looking for the good in people, and didn’t hold back when she found it.“ Ed Stetzer.

Rachel was an incredible gift to us all and her life mattered. We can learn a lot from her thought leadership. Here’s a link to her successful books, newsletter and prolific blogging.

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