Building teams who can run through walls

I believe, and it’s backed up by research from excellent resources, that team leaders who model these seven characteristics, as a starting point, can produce teams who will run through walls for them.

1. Honour and validate every one. No favorites.

2. No-one should be surprised about where they stand with you.

3. Share the lessons your life has taught you. Don’t hold back.

4. Listen up. A prerequisite to caring is listening.

5. Show genuine, compassionate care for every one.

6. Lift everyone up verbally and sometimes physically, and celebrate them when they do good deeds.

7. Be grateful, expressing gratitude for what’s in your own life first. Love of others flows from love of self.

4 thoughts on “Building teams who can run through walls

  1. Gratitude opens up our eyes to what really matter in life.
    I am grateful for this post and for you Jeanette, I’m grateful life put us together in the same place at the same time. Thank you.


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