Courage in leadership

“Leaders are not born. They are grown.”
Colonel Jill Morgenthaler.

I had a few meetings in and around Dublin yesterday. I didn’t make one because my tyre blew out on the M1, a few miles from Newry town center. As I got out of my car to check the damage, I noticed the speed of oncoming traffic, and a silver car parked up a lane, slightly behind me. Inside that car were two PSNI technical support officers. They didn’t have to but they chose to take command of my dreaded situation with kindness and friendliness, AND changed my tire.

I thought about United States military trailblazer and leadership expert, Colonel Jill Morganthaler. She once stared down Saddam Hussein outside an Iraqi courtroom, and she has a passion to grow better leaders. When asked to define courage for the business world, or an organization, she said, “stop the stupid.” She said leaders need to step forward and be willing to say, this process or policy, is wrong, and we have to stop it, and especially if it’s holding back the organization or hurting others. It’s our duty.

You can develop courage in your organization by breaking it down into small steps. With each step of courage you exercise, watch the positive returns in a build up of your confidence.

I’m sure it’s not in the Police Service of Northern Ireland’s job description to change flat tyres on the side of the road in Newry. But those officers yesterday showed courage by demonstrating respect towards me in their demeanor, approach and helpful kindness. They did a wise thing when they demonstrated respect instead of demanding it.

3 thoughts on “Courage in leadership

  1. That’s very inspiring, thank you for sharing it. I’m glad you had some good souls around to help you out in a time of need.


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