The heart precedes the mind

“I use to believe thinking was the highest function of human beings … I now realize loving is our supreme function.”

Lois Wilson, co-founder of Alanon.

I was quite shocked when I first discovered that to love my neighbor well I had to first learn how to love myself well. Say that again? I can’t love anybody else well if I haven’t mastered truly loving myself well. When we get this and grow in love of ourselves we don’t have to worry so much about our day to day trivialities or activities or what we’re accomplishing or not accomplishing. When we speak or move our actions will flow from the spirit of a loving heart and they will accomplish so much more around us. They don’t tell you this in school but when you become more loving and spiritual, it’s probably THE most important thing you will do in your whole life.

Oh, it’s also the second greatest commandment in the bible. “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

My 3 circle diagram is based on a recovery model.

4 thoughts on “The heart precedes the mind

  1. Thank you for this, Jeanette. I’m working the circle more intentionally right now. Seeing the self inside the Spirit makes a difference in how I perceive this “work.” Thank you!


  2. Upon reflection, I might add a dot in the center to represent how my selfness is built upon the divine essence, the soul of my life. Perhaps? How does that seem to you …


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