Celebrating 100 years of the Royal Air Force

“Never in the field of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few.”
Winston Churchill.

On September 2nd I had the great privilege and honor of watching The Royal Air Force mark its 100th anniversary in spectacular style at Air Waves Portrush. History and heritage came alive for me in my favorite place in the world, East Strand, Portrush, as the Lancaster Hurricane and Spitfire came together in the Battle of Britain Memorial flight.

The Red Arrows, the Typhoon jet, the Tutor and the Falcons parachute display pulled out all the stops to showcase for us a variety of skills, stunts and daredevil action.

About 150,000 people gathered to enjoy the fabulous flying program. The Swiss Classic Formation made it’s debut over the 2 day event. The vintage trio entertained the crowds with the Beech 18 and DC-3 aircraft. I didn’t get to see everything but I heard the event also featured the Global Stars aerobatic team, the Catalina sea plane, the Sea Fury and the Calidus Autogyro.

I had to be out of the water and Arcadia beach head earlier than usual on my Sunday morning swim. It was worth it to welcome the world’s most inspiring air force, famous for defeating the seemingly unstoppable Luftwaffe.


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