Tour guiding on The Giant’s Causeway

I’ve been honored lately to show dear friends, and on this occasion, a dear friend and global tour guide around my local hood. Paul and I have known each other for 25 years now and he was blown away by the incredible natural beauty of The Giant’s Causeway. “It’s no wonder this place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site” he said. A geological wonder with over 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, the Giant’s Causeway is the result of intense volcanic and geological activity.  Carved from the coast by the mighty giant, Finn McCool, he left behind an ancient home full of folklore.

Local people here believe that between the unusual honeycomb landscape which features the unique basalt stepping stones, the mythical features carved out in the rocks and the tumbling sea, there’s real magic. Paul and I certainly felt the magic as we interlocked arms and stood on the ancient stones whilst the crashing Atlantic waves splashed all around us. At one point we were almost  washed away. We got a glimpse into Earth’s most ancient past. An epic 60 million year-old legacy to the cooling and shrinking of successive lava flows.

I’m grateful for the friendship, science, imagination and stories we shared as we explored this inspirational landscape !!

Paul and Me Causeway in Background



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