22 Manchester, a city of music and love

“The measure of a healthy society is not how effectively it elevates its achievers, but how compassionately it supports those who have fallen. Our community is humanity. We rise in unison, or not at all.” Jeff Brown

Today was an emotional day for me. It was the one year anniversary of the Manchester terror attack. Thousands united in Manchester in a massive sing-a-long to remember the 22 who died from the nuts and bolts style bomb blast. Hundreds were injured from that blast. One year ago I had just got back to Sacramento after my mum suddenly died. I was in shock and unaware that I was in a state of shock. As I watched a documentary tonight on that fatal night in Manchester I recognized the shock in the survivors faces. The super-hero girls, boys, men and women who attended the concert spoke candidly about how events unfolded that night and what was going through their minds.

A teenage girl who was in the attack spoke about her compulsion to wash her hair when she got home. Two friends helped her. The sink was continually clogged up with the blood and flesh coming out of her enmeshed hair. Her friends compassionately continued washing her hair without telling her what was happening. She was hurting enough. This young girl is just one example of a true warrior from that night. She is facing her pain and trauma and getting up everyday and getting on with her life as best as she can.

The documentary highlighted the fire department response to the attack. It was almost 2 hours before they got to the scene and they had the most skill to deal with the injured. Emergency response teams had difficulties getting the worst casualties up off the floor and into ambulances waiting outside. People lay dying for what seemed like a long time without medical assistance. The Greater Manchester Police and The Fire Department declined to make comments on the documentary.

We will continue to stand together in the United Kingdom. We are targets for future terror attacks. As we stand in the fire, in the battle, we will give praise and express ourselves freely. We will send out love. Loud cheers went up in Manchester today as Manchester United great Ryan Giggs sent out love and prayers.

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