Principles to increase spiritual intelligence

Have you ever seen an eagle fighting with chickens? Probably not. Eagles instinctively know they are designed to soar above the small things in life. They know exactly when to spread their wings and soar into the currents of grace of rising thermals. It’s possible to follow their lead in life and go up a level without striving or trying to control, manage or manipulate circumstances. I’d like to share some Celtic wisdom on  how I go up a level and reach into those higher pristine environments. Sometimes all it takes is a small shift in my mindset. Sometimes I need to intentionally invite others to help me see my blind spots. These nine principles help me to take a stand with a renewed mindset that overcomes any challenging human circumstances. Maybe they’ll help you too. Take what you like and leave the rest;

1. Clarify your purpose. It will fuel your passion.

2. Keep your soul nourished. Don’t exhaust or overwork yourself.  Watch the gauges in your life.

3. Don’t try to be everybody’s hero.

4. Think yourself clear … and understand fully what’s coming at you. Avoid flirting with doubt, despair and death. That’s where the enemy wants you.

5. Don’t separate yourself from relationships that encourage you. A good friend’s perspective can fill you with courage (spiritual helium) when you’re a mess or can’t figure it out yourself.

6. Don’t under-estimate the cost of a great victory. Set up a defense for the enemy on the way down the mountain.

7. When what you’re doing isn’t working branch way out into new territory.  Get out of your comfort zone and blaze a new trail.

8. Get out of lower level lusts and pursuits. Soaring higher often requires sacrifice.

9. Be humble enough to come under the authority of “trusted” servant-hearted leadership.

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